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Subject: 22.106 new publication: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 33.1 (March)
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         Subject: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews vol. 33 no. 1 (March 2008)

Guest Editorial
Procoli, Angela; Rochet, Francois

The climate in Burgundy and elsewhere, from the fourteenth to the
twentieth century
Ladurie, Emmanuel Le Roy; Daux, Valerie

  From atmosphere, to climate, to Earth system science
Paillard, Didier

Climate change: scenarios and integrated modelling
Armatte, Michel

Climate modelling for policy-making: how to represent freedom of
choice and concern for future generations?
Godard, Olivier

Climate expertise: between scientific credibility and geopolitical imperatives
Dahan-Dalmedico, Amy

Towards a global climate observing system
Fellous, Jean-Louis

Enhancing citizen contributions to biodiversity science and public policy
Couvet, D.; Jiguet, F.; Julliard, R.; Levrel, H.; Teyssedre, A.


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