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Subject: 22.110 new publication: Internet Archaeology 24. Dealing with Legacy Data.
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         From: Judith Winters <jcw7-AT-YORK.AC.UK>
         Subject: Internet Archaeology Issue 24. Dealing with Legacy 
Data - a themed issue

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Internet Archaeology is pleased to announce the publication of Issue
24, a themed issue dedicated to:

"Dealing with Legacy Data" edited by Pim Allison


In the Mediterranean region particularly, but by no means not
exclusively, there exist large datasets from previous excavations,
published and unpublished, whose digitisation, spatial mapping and
re-analysis can greatly facilitate investigations of social behaviour
and changing environmental conditions. This volume presents a number
of projects that demonstrate the usefulness of digital environments
for analysing such non-digital data. These projects use these 'legacy
data' within true GIS, pseudo-GIS, or other digital environments to
answer specific questions concerning social behaviour and
particularly the social use of space.

List of Contents
==========Dress and Social Identities: the role of GIS in mapping social
structure in the central Italian Iron Age cemetery of Osteria
dell'Osa - Lisa Cougle

(Re)surveying Mediterranean Rural Landscapes: GIS and Legacy Survey
Data - Robert Witcher

Integrating Legacy Data into a New Method for Studying Architecture:
A case study from Isthmia, Greece - Steven J.R. Ellis, Timothy E.
Gregory, Eric E. Poehler and Kevin R. Cole

The use and misuse of 'legacy data' in identifying a typology of
retail outlets at Pompeii - Steven J.R. Ellis

Measuring women's influence on Roman military life: using GIS on
published excavation reports from the German frontier - Penelope Allison

Procedures for measuring women's influence: Data translation and
manipulation and related problems - Penelope Allison, Patrick
Faulkner, Andrew Fairbairn and Steven Ellis

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Judith Winters
Editor, Internet Archaeology

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