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Subject: 22.112 new publication: Problems in Quantitative Linguistics 1
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         Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:24:36 +0100
         From: RAM-Verlag <>
         Subject: Problems in Quantitative 
Linguistics 1 (Udo Strauss, Fengxiang Fan, Gabriel Altmann)

Just published ( Mai 2008 )

Problems in Quantitative Linguistics 1
134 pages
ISBN: 978-3-9802659-4-2
Published by: RAM-Verlag ( )
Authors: Udo Strauss, Fengxiang Fan, Gabriel Altmann

The book is a collection of tasks ­ both old and 
new ­ whose solution would be a valuable 
contribution to quantitative linguistics. There 
are both empirical tasks, e.g. application of a 
conjectured function to new data, and theoretical 
ones, e.g. derivation of some hypothesized 
regularity. The problems are taken from 
phonemics, grammar, semantics, textology, 
typology, lexicology, psycholinguistics, script, 
language synergetics, learning and general 
theory. The tasks have a standardized form: 
hypothesis; procedure; references. They are 
suitable for exams, teaching, dissertations and 
scientific research. The book introduces a new genre in scientific literature.

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