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Subject: 22.129 new publication: conceptual structures
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         Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 17:55:20 +0100
         From: Willard McCarty <>
         Subject: Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Visualization and=20

Volume 5113: Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Visualization and
Reasoning by Peter Eklund, Ollivier Haemmerl=C3=A9 is now available on the
SpringerLink web site at

Diagrammatic Reasoning Systems
John Howse
1 - 20

Pursuing the Goal of Language Understanding
Arun Majumdar, John Sowa, John Stewart
21 - 42

Web, Graphs and Semantics
Olivier Corby
43 - 61

Transdisciplinarity and Generalistic Sciences and Humanities
Rudolf Wille
62 - 73

Jacob Lorhard=C2=92s Ontology: A 17th Century Hypertext on the Reality and
Temporality of the World of Intelligibles
Peter =C3=98hrstr=C3=B8m, Henrik Sch=C3=A4rfe, Sara L. Uckelman
74 - 87

Revelator=C2=92s Complex Adaptive Reasoning Methodology for Resource
Infrastructure Evolution
Mary Keeler, Arun Majumdar
88 - 103

Conceptual Spider Diagrams
Frithjof Dau, Andrew Fish
104 - 118

An Algorithmic Study of Deduction in Simple Conceptual Graphs with
Classical Negation
Michel Lecl=C3=A8re, Marie-Laure Mugnier
119 - 132

Flexible Querying of Fuzzy RDF Annotations Using Fuzzy Conceptual Graphs
Patrice Buche, Juliette Dibie-Barth=C3=A9lemy, Ga=C3=ABlle Hignette
133 - 146

Query-Answering CG Knowledge Bases
Michel Lecl=C3=A8re, Nicolas Moreau
147 - 160

Attribute Exploration Using Implications with Proper Premises
Heiko Reppe
161 - 174

Sorting Concepts by Priority Using the Theory of Monotone Systems
Ants Torim, Karin Lindroos
175 - 188

Extending Attribute Dependencies for Lattice-Based Querying and Navigation
Nizar Messai, Marie-Dominique Devignes, Amedeo Napoli, Malika Sma=C3=AFl-Tabbone
189 - 202

PACTOLE: A Methodology and a System for Semi-automatically Enriching an
Ontology from a Collection of Texts
Rokia Bendaoud, Yannick Toussaint, Amedeo Napoli
203 - 216

Fair(er) and (Almost) Serene Committee Meetings with Logical and Formal
Concept Analysis
Mireille Ducass=C3=A9, S=C3=A9bastien Ferr=C3=A9
217 - 230

Contextual Cognitive Map
Lionel Chauvin, David Genest, St=C3=A9phane Loiseau
231 - 241

Employing a Domain Specific Ontology to Perform Semantic Search
Maxime Morneau, Guy W. Mineau
242 - 254

Concept Similarity and Related Categories in SearchSleuth
Frithjof Dau, Jon Ducrou, Peter Eklund
255 - 268

Grounded Conceptual Graph Models
Harry S. Delugach, Daniel M. Rochowiak
269 - 281

Scenario Argument Structure vs Individual Claim Defeasibility: What Is
More Important for Validity Assessment?
Boris A. Galitsky, Sergei O. Kuznetsov
282 - 296

Griwes: Generic Model and Preliminary Specifications for a Graph-Based
Knowledge Representation Toolkit
Jean-Fran=C3=A7ois Baget, Olivier Corby, Rose Dieng-Kuntz, Catherine
Faron-Zucker, Fabien Gandon, Alain Giboin, Alain Gutierrez, Michel
Lecl=C3=A8re, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Rallou Thomopoulos
297 - 310

Willard McCarty, Professor of Humanities Computing, King's College=20
London,; Editor, Interdisciplinary=20
Science Reviews,

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