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Subject: 22.141 will better indexing make us dumber?
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         Subject: Will better indexing make us dumber?


A colleague pointed out:

Electronic Publication and the Narrowing of Science and Scholarship,
James A. Evans, et. al., Science 321, 395 (2008), DOI:

where the author concludes:

> This research ironically intimates that one of
> the chief values of print library research is poor
> indexing. Poor indexing=C2=97indexing by titles
> and authors, primarily within core journals=C2=97
> likely had unintended consequences that assisted
> the integration of science and scholarship.
> By drawing researchers through unrelated articles,
> print browsing and perusal may have facilitated
> broader comparisons and led researchers
> into the past. Modern graduate education parallels
> this shift in publication=C2=97shorter in years, more
> specialized in scope, culminating less frequently
> in a true dissertation than an album of articles
> (19).
Any suggestions building tools that "facilitate broader comparisons" and
lead "researchers into the past?"

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