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Subject: 22.144 job in the Vetus Latina Iohannes project
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         Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 07:47:05 +0100
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         Subject: Job Opportunity: Research Fellow (Vetus Latina Iohannes)

A vacancy is now being advertised for a Research Fellow to assist in
the preparation and publication of an edition of the Old Latin
versions of the Gospel according to John.

The Vetus Latina Iohannes project has been running at the University
of Birmingham for a number of years, and has already made available
an electronic edition of the surviving Old Latin manuscripts of John
at .

The main duties of the Fellow will include assisting in the
compilation of an electronic database of gospel citations in Church
Fathers, the analysis of this material, and the preparation of a
printed edition to be published in the 'Vetus Latina' series.

Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant subject, an excellent
knowledge of Latin, the ability to learn relevant IT skills quickly,
and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team. A good
working knowledge of Greek, experience of database design and
maintenance, and experience of working on a research project are

The post-holder will be a member of the University's Institute for
Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Prof. D.C. Parker
( and Dr P.H. Burton (

The advertisement for the position may be found at:
The starting salary is =A325,888 - =A328,290 a year.
Applications close on 8th August 2008.

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