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Subject: 22.159 Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, with a call for ideas and proposals
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         Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:25:15 +0100
         From: Willard McCarty <>
         Subject: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, with a call for 
ideas and proposals

Dear Colleagues,

 From time to time you may have seen publication announcements on
Humanist for the British journal Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. Some
time ago I was asked to take over the editorship of ISR and agreed on
condition I could  change its focus to the interrelations between the
sciences and the humanities. As of this month I became Editor, have
somewhat reformed the Editorial Board, appointed a Book Reviews Editor,
devised a simple website ( and commissioned a number
of special issues. On the website is my inaugural editorial, which will
give you a much better idea of what I have in mind.

The first four issues under my hand are as follows:

1 (33.3) "Philosophy and engineering" (ed. Natasha McCarthy, Royal
Academy of Engineering, London)

2 (33.4) "Neuroscience and aesthetics" (co-ed. Suzanne Nalbantian and
Willard McCarty)

3 (34.1) "'Today and To-Morrow': Science and technology in the early
20th century" (ed. Brian Hurwitz, Max Saunders and Neil Vickers, King's
College London)

4 (34.2) "Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage: Multidisciplinary
collaborative research between computer science and heritage studies"
(ed. Antal van den Bosch, Tilburg, Netherlands)

In addition plans are afoot for a number of other issues, including
"History and human nature", centred on a paper to be written by G. E. R.
Lloyd, with invited responses from leading figures across the disciplines.

Submissions of papers, ideas and proposals for issues of ISR are most
welcome and should be directed to me. A call for papers on the theme of
"poetries and sciences" (as I. A. Richards called his 1970 revision of
the earlier book Science and Poetry) will be forthcoming soon.


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