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         Subject: Digital Humanities job at Brown University

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Dear Willard,

The readers of Humanist might find the following job advert of interest
(Director of HATII in Glasgow):

This is part of a job section on where members of
the site can post open position of interests to digital humanists and

Best wishes,
Torsten Reimer
Development Manager
Community Infrastructures and e-Learning
Centre for e-Research, King's College London
26-29 Drury Lane, London WC2B 5RL

+44 (0)20 7848 2019

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         Subject: Digital Humanities job at Brown University
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The Scholarly Technology Group at Brown is looking for the right
person to complete our team.

We're looking for a creative, technically sophisticated individual
who will use computer methods and structured data to augment the
resarch process for humanities scholars. We're not an acronym-based
technical services shop; we are part of the university research
environment, with a license to explore content and technology, and
push the boundaries of practice where possible. If you're not
interested in the digital or the humanities, you're probably not a
good fit.

You will have the opportunity to explore and to learn, in a unique
academic environment. This position is ideal for the humanist who has
experience in digital humanities and who wants to develop their
skills and experience.

An increased, university-wide, focus on the digital humanities and
digital libraries make this an especially exciting moment to join
STG. The  Research Programmer will be part of defining and
implementing technology in humanities research agendas at Brown.

While this is not an academic position, STG has close relationships
with the academic part of the university, and STG staff often
participate in classes and seminars.

This position requires breadth of vision and experience across
significant and disparate fields. No candidate can be equally deep in
all areas, so we are not limited by formal credentials in any
specific area; we are  looking for a candidate who can excel in an
interdisciplinary environment. You will thrive here if you can
communicate and think across the gap. We will also consider
interested applicants without a formal humanities background.
Applicants with a degree in Library Science, Information Science, or
Computer Science and an interest in the kinds of problems involved in
digital humanities projects and data are encouraged to apply.

Research Programmer - Humanities
Scholarly Technology Group
Brown University

The Scholarly Technology Group (STG) at Brown University is seeking a
staff member who will contribute technical skills and project
oversight as part of STG's involvement in, and engagement with,
faculty research projects in the digital humanities. STG projects
range from document databases based on XML and XML tools, to
experiments in collaboration, classification and online publication.
STG projects are founded in high-level information design, and
require current knowledge of web standards and tools. The Research
Programmer is encouraged to have a relevant research agenda of their
own, or to participate in the group's ongoing research into digital
humanities topics.

STG staff provide faculty projects with expertise in text encoding
and metadata standards, accessibility, database design, web
programming, digital project design, information design,
documentation and grant-writing. We combine a strong background in
the humanities and social sciences with a deep interest in the
significance of digital technologies for scholarly communication.

The Research Programmer works closely with faculty, STG staff and
students to carry out digital humanities projects by performing
project analysis, implementation, and management.  Student workers
are an integral part of of STG's team, and the Research Programmer
will interact with them as manager and as collaborator.  Since STG is
a small group, this person can contribute at all levels: to recruit,
plan, manage projects, write grant proposals, contribute to outreach
activities, stay abreast of new methods and technologies and
disseminate STG's work at conferences.

* Minimum Bachelor's degree, advanced degree in the humanities
desirable. Demonstrable technical skills.
* Experience in digital humanities, digital libraries or comparable
* Technical background in relevant areas, ideally: Web standards,
HTML, CSS, XML, web technologies, metadata standards, text retrieval,
software development
* Knowledge of digital communications and collaboration, new media.
* Strong analytical and problem solving skills
* Ability to communicate STG work and results within the group and

STG is part of Computing and Information Services and provides
advanced technology consulting to Brown humanities faculty primarily
through large and small projects in support of scholarly work in the
digital medium. We explore, extend and contribute to the critical new
technologies that are transforming scholarly work and helping to
maintain its longevity: data and metadata standards, XML publication
tools, text encoding methods, database design, and accessibility
standards. We have a strong relationship with the Brown University
Library's Center for Digital Initiatives, and often work on joint
projects. STG consists of three staff members: the Director, a Senior
Research Programmer, and a Research Programmer. STG also employs
several student programmers and designers and works with graduate
students who provide content expertise.

For more information: or
To apply,, look for job B01052

[Elli Mylonas
    Scholarly Technology Group
    Brown University
    Providence, RI, USA]

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