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Date:         Sun, 3 Aug 2008 15:52:37 +0100
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Subject: 22.163 A Humanist's editor's holiday
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         Date: Sat, 02 Aug 2008 18:02:11 +0100
         From: Humanist Discussion Group <>
         Subject: A Humanist's editor's holiday

Dear colleagues,

 From Thursday 7 August until at least Wednesday 20 August I will be out
of reach of e-mail and for most of that time beyond the grasp of
ordinary mobile telephony. Where in the world, you might ask? I recall
one time when I gave more or less the same warning and received, almost
immediately, a note from an old friend and Humanist ab ovo, who wrote (I
paraphrase), "What do you mean, 'out of the reach of e-mail'? This from
a coffee house in Beirut!" But I mean it this time. Beirut is *very* 
well connected in comparison to the north-west corner of Australia.

My advice is to watch carefully for the emergence of any posting you
make during this time. If you don't see it by 29 August please let me
know and resend. I will be potentially well connected after 20 August
but not at home until 15 September so cannot predict how often
circumstances will allow me to use my connectivity. In will do my best.

All the best.


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