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Subject: 22.168 DRHA08 conference
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         Subject: DRHA08 conference

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          Otsikko: DRHA08 conference

Dear colleagues,

I hope that your recent DH2008 conference was successful and
stimulating. I am currently orgainsing
a conference examining similar themes, which is Digital Resources for
Humanities & Arts. This will
take place in Cambridge from 14-17th September. Since this is an
annual event I expect that many of
your delegates will know about it already, but I wondered if it would
be possible for you to inform
the delegates from your conference about this event?

The website is and of
course I would be happy to answer
any questions you might have about this.

Kind regards,
Tamsin Mann

Tamsin Mann
DRHA08 Event Manager
University of Cambridge
Tel: +44 (0)1223 765447

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