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Date:         Mon, 25 Aug 2008 22:28:09 +0100
From: Humanist Discussion Group <willard.mccarty-AT-MCCARTY.ORG.UK>
Subject: 22.170 resumption of Humanist, with apologies
To: humanist-AT-Princeton.EDU

               Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 22, No. 170.
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         Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 22:26:14 +0100
         From: Willard McCarty <>
         Subject: resumption, with apologies

Dear colleagues,

As of this Downunder morning, Humanist should resume again with
reasonable reliability. I apologise for the long hiatus. I won't bother
to send out announcements of events now in the past unless the sender
writes me to insist on publication. If any less contingent submission of
yours does not appear in the small flood now about to break over you,
please let me know. Enjoy your Summer while I enjoy a bit of Winter!

All the best.


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