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         Subject: Stanford Humanities Center: 2009-10 Fellowship

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         Subject: Digital Librarian position: Palo Alto, CA

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         From: Humanist Discussion Group <>
         Subject: Stanford Humanities Center: 2009-10 Fellowship=20

*Announcement of Faculty Fellowships*
*at the*
*Stanford Humanities Center*

We would appreciate if you would share this information with colleagues
who may be interested:

The online application for 2009-2010 faculty fellowships at the Stanford
Humanities Center is now available.  Fellows are in residence at the
Center during the regular academic year (September to June) and
participate in the Center's intellectual life, sharing ideas and work in
progress with a diverse community of scholars from across the spectrum
of academic fields and ranks.

Applicants must have a PhD and will normally be at least three years
beyond receipt of the degree by the start of the fellowship term.
  Fellows are awarded stipends of up to $60,000.  In addition, a housing
and moving allowance of up to $15,000 is offered, dependent upon need.

Please visit for complete

How to Apply

For the online application and more information, please see our website:

email: <>

phone: (650) 723-3054

*External Faculty Fellowships*
Open to scholars from humanities departments as traditionally defined
and to other scholars seriously interested in humanistic issues.
Fellowship term: September 2009 - June 2010
*Online application deadline: October 15, 2008*

*Digital Humanities Fellowship*
Open to scholars whose research projects are critically shaped by
information technology.  Projects should be oriented to producing new
research outcomes rather than focusing primarily on the creation of
archives or software.  Appropriate projects will approach significant
questions in humanistic study with the aid of new research tools or
Fellowship term: September 2009 - June 2010
*Online application deadline: October 15, 2008*

*Arts Practitioner/Writer Fellowship*
The Stanford Humanities Center and the Stanford Institute for Creativity
and the Arts (SiCa) intend to offer one residential fellowship to an
arts practitioner who is also a writer, scholar, or critic pursuing a
research project in the arts.  The recipient will be in residence with
other fellows at the Humanities Center and will be affiliated with one
of three SiCa centers.  Arts inquiries may be addressed <>.
Fellowship term: September 2008 - June 2009
*Online application deadline: December 1, 2008*

         Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 22:43:30 +0100
         From: Humanist Discussion Group <>
         Subject: Digital Librarian position: Palo Alto, CA

Position Description

Benetech ( has a unique and exciting opportunity for a
Librarian for, the world's largest collection of digital
electronic books for the blind and print disabled. Benetech was founded
in 1989 with an explicit goal to create new technology solutions that
serve humanity and empower people to improve their lives. Led by Jim
Fruchterman, a leading social entrepreneur and MacArthur Fellow,
Benetech=C2=92s mission is to lead the world in creative, effective
applications of technology to unmet social needs. We focus on projects
that offer the greatest social return on funds invested.

In 2007 Benetech was awarded $32 million by the Federal Government to
expand online collection to over 100,000 additional
volumes in support of all print-disabled students nationwide. Currently,
the library contains over 39,000 volumes. The librarian
for will shepherd the collection through its growth as one
of the nation's foremost educational resources for disabled students in
this country. This is a technical position and ideal for someone
interested in the challenge of devising and implementing a cutting edge
on-line cataloging scheme that meets the needs of a specialized
population while maintaining standard library interfaces.

This position is full time, onsite in Palo Alto, California and reports
to the Director of Operations for Resumes from candidates
requesting 30/hrs week will be considered.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

=C2=95 Select an appropriate classification schema for the collection based
on several key criteria including compatibility with other accessible
=C2=95 Reclassify the books in the collection according to the new schema
=C2=95 Enable and coordinate cross-referencing with other collections of
accessible books
=C2=95 Create and implement a collection acquisition plan for growing the
=C2=95 Liaison with professional library associations such as the ALA, IFLA
=C2=95 Work effectively with all departments within (Collection
Development, Publisher Liaison, Partner Programs, etc.) to maintain the
quality and integrity of the collection.


=C2=95 A degree in library science is required and 5+ years in Library and
Information Management with an emphasis on utilization of Information
=C2=95 Technical expertise with metadata technology, such as Dublin Core,
used to describe and classify books in an online digital collection is
=C2=95 Very strong professional interpersonal skills and the ability to
represent's interests to a wide variety of stakeholders
=C2=95 Ability to work well independently and within a multi-disciplinary
team environment with high standards, integrity and a sense of humor
=C2=95 Management experience is a plus
=C2=95 Experience working with school libraries at the K-12 or university
level is highly desirable
=C2=95 Knowledge of the assistive technology field with emphasis on tools and
technology for access to printed materials is a definite plus.

If you would like to help us grow Benetech, please send your resume and
a cover letter to or Human Resources at 650/475-1066
(fax). In your cover letter, please (a) explain why you would like to
work for us and (b) discuss your relevant background.

Salaries at Benetech are commensurate with education, experience and
responsibility, and are competitive with private-sector positions.

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