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         Subject: UBIQUITY 9.33

Our Ubiquity article this week has been enhanced for your reading
enjoyment!  Please take time to check it out.

  Volume 9, Issue 33

/August 19 =C2=96 August 25, 2008/


       *Information, DNA, and Change through the Prism of a Great City
       <>* by John Stuckey

After retiring from a career in academic/IT management at
Carnegie-Mellon, Northeastern, and Washington and Lee Universities, John
Stuckey is serving as Acting Chief Technology Officer at the American
University in Cairo. This is the third of his reports to Ubiquity from


Ubiquity welcomes the submissions of articles from everyone interested
in the future of information technology. Everything published in
Ubiquity is copyrighted (c)2008 by the ACM and the individual authors.

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