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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 9, Issue 19

May 13, 2008 -- May 19, 2008

* Jeff Malpas does a reality check (a philosophical and virtual
reality check, to boot) on the concept of virtual worlds; his paper
is called,
Non-Autonomy of the Virtual: Philosophical Reflections on
Contemporary Virtuality."

   * The Malpas piece is accompanied by
Associate Editor Arun Tripathi's insightful Preface. He writes: "We
acknowledge that the natural body gives us extraordinary means of
interacting with each other and with the world. But cyberspace has
been built on the Cartesian ideals of metaphysical separation between
mind and body. Is cyberspace creating a different world? Is
cyberspace the extension of the real world? The making of cyberspace
creates a problem with the notion of body and embodiment."

   *Philip Yaffe asks about the old TV detective-show Columbo:
"<>What can a
bumbling, inarticulate Los Angeles cop teach us about effective
communication?" Well, that cop can teach us plenty.  If you give
presentations or write proposals, this little article is something
you need to read. 


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