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Subject: 22.181 Institute on Innovation in Training and Teaching at Drexel
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         Subject: Institute on Innovation in Training and Teaching

Drexel University, a leader in technology-infused education, is
sponsoring a two-day Institute on Innovation in Training and Teaching on
its University City campus in Philadelphia.

The Institute will be held on: September 11 and 12, 2008.

Sponsored by The Office of Information Resources and Technology (IRT),
the Institute will provide courses for trainers and educators interested
in moving their instruction online. Classes will meet the needs of those
just beginning to move to online content delivery as well as experienced
teachers and trainers who seek instruction in advanced media integration.

Available Sessions
The Institute will offer eight three-hour courses on topics of interest
to the corporate training sector and K-20 education and lifelong
learning professionals. Courses will highlight a wide variety of tools
available for producing creative, quality online materials.

Moving Your Course or Training Program to Hybrid Format or Online=C2=97How to
Get Started
Presenters: Kristen Betts, Krystle Adkins, and Mike Scheuermann
This course will outline a step-by-step framework for transitioning from
face-to-face to hybrid or online course instruction. Topics will
include: online statistics, accreditation, converting materials to
electronic format, best practices in course design, effective use of
Learning Management System tools and structures, student engagement,
retention strategies, evaluation, and pedagogical considerations in the
online environment.

Converting, Distributing, and Integrating Rich Media in Course Development
Presenters: John Morris and Chad Kealey
What is rich media?  What is encoding?  How can rich media be integrated
into your course to enhance instruction?  This course will introduce a
variety of concepts in rich media, including file formats, file sizes,
quality, lossiness, platform considerations, equipment, and frame rates,
and discuss how rich media can be used to create a more engaging
learning environment.

Pedagogical Uses of Rich Media to Effectively Enhance Learning
Presenter: John Morris
How can audio and video be used to enhance the online or hybrid
classroom?  This course will focus on using rich media more effectively
to deliver lecture material, provide feedback on student work, and build
online community through LMS collaboration tools.  Best practices will
also be considered, including file types, equipment, and playback
mechanisms.  A unit on learning styles and accessibility, especially as
they apply to web-based instruction, will conclude the course.

Assessment and Evaluation Utilizing Online Elements and Technologies
Presenters: Stephen Chestnut, Rich Varenas, Julie Allmayer, and Amy Lynch
How can student performance be evaluated in an online course?  The LMS
provides a number of tools to assess student work, and there are several
stand-alone technologies to assist faculty in evaluating performance and
providing feedback to students.  This course will discuss the importance
of assessment and evaluation in online course delivery, and identify
which tools are the most effective.

Building Community in Hybrid and Online Courses
Presenters: Kristen Betts and Mike Scheuermann
Community-building is a crucial part of any successful online course.
This course will address the use of LMS collaboration tools, such as
discussion, chat, and group assignments, to foster student-student and
student-faculty relationships. The pros and cons of each tool will be
discussed from a technical as well as a pedagogical perspective.

Social Networking as a Component of the Instructional Enterprise
Presenters: Abigail Maley, Scott Beadenkopf, Brett Cohen, Paul
Evangelista, and Brenda Pretko
Web 2.0 technologies are changing how we use the web, profoundly
affecting how we interact with each other and share information. How can
an enterprise adapt these technologies to complement current
instructional methodologies? Examples of how universities are
incorporating social networking into their curricula will be presented.
A number of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and
Pronto will be highlighted.

Evaluating CMS/LMSs for Instructional Delivery and Community Building
Presenters: Alan Hecht, Rich Varenas, Stephen Chestnut, and Jeffrey Berman
Although Blackboard Vista (formerly WebCT) and Blackboard are the
predominant learning management systems used at Drexel, Drexel IRT has
investigated two open-source products, Sakai and Moodle. This course
will offer a comparison of these products in a variety of areas,
including content authoring, delivery interface, assessment creation,
and administration tools, and discuss the process by which these
products were evaluated.

Ensuring Access For All -- Creating Online Content for Users with
Special Needs
Presenter: Dan Allen
The advent of the World Wide Web brought with it the potential to
revolutionize the lives of people with disabilities. Imagine the person
confined to a wheel chair being able to shop for groceries without
leaving the house. Imagine the blind or deaf student being able to
complete a college degree online. But these possibilities can only be
realized if the Web is made accessible to people with disabilities. In
the first part of this course we will review the types of disabilities
users might have, and the challenges they face when accessing the Web.
The second part of the course will be devoted to discussing various
solutions and demonstrating specific strategies and techniques for
ensuring accessibility.

Apologies for cross-posting.

Henry C. Alphin Jr.

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