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         Subject: Vacancies, DHO, Dublin, Ireland

--Apologies for Cross Listing =C2=96

Applications are invited for two 2 =C2=BD year fixed term positions with the
Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO), a national digital humanities
centre located in Dublin, Ireland.

Digital Humanities Specialist
The Digital Humanities Specialist will promote and support the use of
advanced computing techniques as applied to the humanities, provide
consultations to project partners, engage in a range of educational
activities, and assist in the technical development of a shared
e-humanities infrastructure.

Web Developer
The Web Developer will design, develop, and maintain highly interactive
web interfaces for digital content creation, repository deposit, content
discovery, computational analysis, data visualization and other tools
for humanities research. Experience with web development tools such as
AJAX,  HTML, CSS, XSLT, PHP, and SQL required.

Further information and details of the application process are available
on and  Applicants will be shortlisted for
interview on the basis of information provided in their applications.

The Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO) is a project of the Royal Irish
Academy operating under the auspices of the Humanities Serving Irish
Society Consortium to build a joint national platform for the
coordination and dissemination of e-humanities research at an all-island
level.  The Royal Irish Academy is an equal opportunities employer

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