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Subject: 22.197 Digital Medievalist: Call for referees and reviewers
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         Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 16:46:17 +0100
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         Subject: Digital Medievalist: Call for referees and reviewers

With the usual apologies for cross-posting. You need not be subscribed
to the Digital Medievalist listserv to act as a referee or reviewer of
the Digital Medievalist Journal

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Dear Digital Medievalist membership,

We are in the process of compiling a list of referees for our journal
articles and reviewers for digital editions and digitally-related
books. If you would be interested in acting as a referee and/or
reviewer, please write to us at and
give us your position and institutional affiliation, and a brief
description of your interests and specializations. This will allow us
to assign reviewers and referees based on their fields of
specialization and their availability, meaning you can be very precise
in what you wish to review and how frequently.

We would like to have a very broad pool of knowledge to draw from,
covering the late antique period through the Renaissance, all
specializations (literature, history, art history, economics, material
culture, archeology, etc.), and a range of digital experience.

It should be noted that accepting referees are named and published
alongside the articles. To get a sense of what is involved in
completing a review of an article as referee for Digital Medievalist,
you can take a look at the review form available which will be
available within 24 hours at

Address questions or comments to We
look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You,
Dot Porter and Arianna Ciula, journal editors
Rebecca Welzenbach, reviews editor

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