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         Subject: JELIA: Registration Reminder

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         Subject: Copyright Certificate Program

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         Subject: JELIA: Registration Reminder

Reminder: Late registration deadline: September 15, 2008

Jelia 2008

The European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (or
Journ=C3=A9es Europ=C3=A9ennes sur la Logique en Intelligence Artificielle -
JELIA) began back in 1988, as a workshop, in response to the need for a
European forum for the discussion of emerging work in this field. Since
then, JELIA has been organised biennially, with English as official
language, and with proceedings published in Springer-Verlag's Lecture
Notes in Artificial Intelligence.

JELIA 2008 - 11th European Conference on Logics in Artificial
Intelligence The conference is going to be in held from September 28 to
October 1, 2008, at the Technische Universit=C3=A8=C2=88=C2=A9 Dresden in Dresden,

Co-Located Events

22nd Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming

CLIMA IX - Ninth International Workshop on Computational Logic in
Multi-Agent Systems

For further information see

         Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 01:56:15 +0100
         From: Humanist Discussion Group <>
         Subject: Copyright Certificate Program

This year's online workshop series opens with a freshly updated offering
of Georgia Harper's popular workshop:

         Copyright Law and Integrated Access
        to Digital Course Materials(revisited)

            October 27-November 7, 2008
    Early Registration Deadline: October 12, 2008

Moderator: Georgia Harper

This workshop will explore how an integrated approach to the various
methods our campuses use to provide access to digital educational course
materials can facilitate institutional compliance with copyright law.
We'll start with a high-level discussion of fair use and review the role
it plays in enabling access to certain types of materials. Most
importantly, these explorations will underscore the fact that creating
and operating access systems for digital materials, and the copyright
issues involved, are institutional concerns and not just a matter of
library services.

When you have completed the course, you will be able to:
*Identify and understand each of the legal authorizations available to
faculty to use others' materials
          oLicensed materials
          oMaterials available freely on the web
            (creative commons and implied licenses)
          oOrphan works
          oThe role of fair use, the limits on that role, and the
importance of knowing your institution's risk tolerance in order to
decide how to apply the fair use test for small, medium and large-scale
course materials access operations
          oTEACH Act
          oThe role of Copyright Clearance Center's transactional
permissioning and campus-wide subscription licensing
*Identify the features of an integrated approach to digital materials
access that promote its acceptance and use among faculty and graduate
*Identify the institutional units on your campus that would need to be
involved in creating an integrated system for providing digital access
to course materials
*Participate in discussions on your campus of the need and methods for
achieving an integrated approach to access to digital course materials.

Please see the website for more details on the entire series:


While registration is ongoing for all seven workshops
( in the series, you only have until October
12th to register for the copyright certificate program. Of special
interest to those looking for a more comprehensive program is the  "Take
all 7 Certificate Package". Together the series  workshops will give
resource and copyright managers:
          - 14 weeks of intensive training in current
            copyright topics
          - 16.8 (CEU) Continuing Education Units, and
          - a Certificate in Copyright Leadership & Management
            from the Center for Intellectual Property.

SIGN UP TODAY: [Secured Server]
Certificate Program & Package- $900
Take 6 Package - $750
Take 3 Package- $375
*Individual Early Bird Rates $150 each

Olga Francois, Assistant Director
Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College
3501 University Blvd. East, PGM3-780
Adelphi, MD 20783
Phone: 240-582-2803 or 1-800-283-6832, ext. 2803

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