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*Position Announcement Humanities Unit*

* *

Please find [below] a Job announcement for a position of Science
Officer in the Humanities Unit at The European Science Foundation.
Application are due by October 13, 2008 to quoting the
following reference identifier: SCH-SO or to ESF, Human Resources Unit
- 1 quai Lezay-Marn=C3=A9sia, BP 90015, F-67080 Strasbourg France. Interviews
will be held in Strasbourg on 28 October 2008. Further details at Please distribute as appropriate.

The European Science Foundation (ESF) provides a platform for its Member
Organisations to advance European research and explore new directions
for research at the European level. Established in 1974 as an
independent non-governmental organisation, ESF currently serves 77
Member Organisations (Research Funding Agencies, Research Performing
Organisations and Academies) across 30 countries. The mission of the ESF
Standing Committee for Humanities (SCH) is to contribute to the
development of the ESF science policy agenda and provide expert advice
on science policy actions at the European level in the field of its
responsibilities. It will work proactively: to identify priority
research areas for the humanities, to advance collaboration and
co-ordination in basic research in the humanities, to foster excellent,
transnational =C2=96 and where appropriate - transdisciplinary research, to
strengthen the voice of the European humanities, and to continue making
the case for better conditions for research in the humanities in Europe.

Mission of the Position

The mission of the position is to promote and to assist research
collaboration in an inter- and multi-disciplinary environment across
Europe and to support initiatives of ESF Member Organisations on the
European stage. Tasks include running ESF peer review processes,
supporting the development of a pan-European science policy,
representing the Foundation and improving the visibility of its
initiatives in the European research area.

Position Responsibilities

This position will involve: Developing strategic activities within the
overall ESF Strategy, in collaboration with the Head of Unit, using the
appropriate ESF instruments: Research Networking Programmes, Exploratory
Workshops, Forward Looks, Research Conferences, MOs Fora, EUROCORES,
etc; Ensuring compliance with external contracts through full and timely
reporting and liaising, in coordination with Administration and Finance
and with external partners as appropriate, and drafting proposals for
future support; Supporting the relevant ESF scientific committee within
the overall ESF Mission and its strategic activities. This includes
providing quality papers and reports; Implementing ESF scientific
instruments and other approved ESF activities; Organising scientific
quality control, guaranteeing high quality through a peer review process
of proposals and evaluation ongoing and completed activities; Management
of specific activities and their budgets in compliance with ESF
Financial Rules and Delegated Financial Authority. Liaising with ESF
Member Organisations, COST and external scientific bodies; Publicising
and informing the research community (writing material for publications
and the web) and liaising with the ESF Communications Unit; Supporting
the Head of Unit in the management of his/her direct staff.

Profile and Competences required

The successful applicant must demonstrate the following competences:

Specific competences

Ph.D, or equivalent research experience (in one of the Humanities
disciplines), with a further 5+ years work experience in a relevant
Humanities area; Ability to work independently within the context of
objectives set by the Head of Unit, and to create links and promote
networking of researchers.

Best regards

Irma Vogel
Senior Administrator & Unit Coordinator
Standing Committee for the Humanities
*European Science Foundation *
Humanities Unit

1 quai Lezay Marn=C3=A9sia
BP 90015
F - 67080 Strasbourg

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