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Subject: 22.227 how to design an online database?
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         Subject: how to design an online database?

[The following query from Lisa Noetzel was sent to me directly; with her
permission I am posting it and hope for a good response. --WM]

I am a Spanish professor at a small, liberal arts college located on the
eastern shore of MD. I just joined the Humanist Listserv.

At the suggesion of Professor Mark Davies, creator of the Corpus del
Espanol and other online corpora, I'm writing to the Humanist Listserv
to ask for expert advice / suggestions. I am trying to create an online
database for an extinct language (Timucuan). It's a language that is
attested in 9 bilingual texts (Spanish + Timucuan) all of which were
written by various Franciscan missionaries who learned the language in
order to communicate with the natives + to convert them to Christianity.

I'm writing a proposal for an ACLS fellowship as well as an NEH Digital
Start-Up grant to try to see this project through to its fruition. The
online databse I envision is a mixture of Google Book Search and the
Corpus del Espanol. That is, I'd like for the site to offer a visual,
facsimile (with the option of viewing the text in an expanded, plain
text version)as well as to have word search (exact word or wild

IT specialists at my college have told me that we use a UNIX server -
not a Microsoft one. My question to you and the Humanist Listserv
community is this: what programs or interfaces compatible with UNIX
would you suggest for a project like mine?

Many thanks for any help you can give me + for reading such a long


Lisa M. Noetzel

Lisa M. Noetzel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages
Washington College
300 Washington Avenue
Chestertown, MD 21620
Phone: 410-810-7486
Fax: 410-810-7170
Home Page:

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