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Subject: 22.247 our role in fixing things
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         Subject: our role in fixing things

The following was sent to me by John Burrows <> in
a note relating to other matters. I extract the relevant paragraph.
Subsequently, after telling him how accurate I thought his portrayal
was, he changed his mind about speaking his mind. --WM

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> Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 22:54:10 +1000
> From: John Burrows <>
> Willard--
> [...]
> I gave a lot of thought to your Humanist topic but decided that, almost
> twenty years after retirement, my views don't cut the mustard. They
> begin in the debasement of the relationship between student and tutor
> but blame forces larger than either of them for what has happened to
> them both. Students have been led to believe that everyone has a right
> to a degree in return for limited complaince with piffling requirements
> (punctuality notable among them) and that it is their right to assess
> their tutors more strenuously than they themsleves are to be assessed.
> The tutor meanwhile has been browbeaten into accepting his lowly place in
> the meat-chain. Cure? None that I know of. Palliation? There are still
> genuine students and genuine tutors here and there, praise be. For a
> seminal text, see Lionel Trilling's wonderful story, "Of this time, of
> that place". 
> Yours,
> John

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