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Subject: 22.267 ancient Indian literary/philological studies?
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         Subject: ancient Indian literary/philological studies?

Dear Colleagues,

I would be very grateful if members of this list would point me to
digital projects in the area of ancient Indian literary/philological
studies. Does any of you know if an "Indian hub" for humanities
computing exists? I couldn't find anything related on the web. As some
of you already know my current research focuses on visualization of
complex textual traditions, and the genetic study of literary texts. In
the last four years we have been working on creating an online tool for
handling multiple simultaneous versions of documents. Our research group
have just received a small grant from the Italian government, which is
part of a larger national research program on digital repositories. To
get an idea of the general framework you can have a look at the previous
htm, and for more specific research aims check out Desmond Schmidt's

Recently, I became particularly interested in ancient Indian texts. I
was thinking for example about the both linguistically and structurally
multi-layered tradition of historical and religious texts (starting from
the Rigveda on), which will be an ideal testbed for Schmidt's MVDs
software. We made a number of experiments with European literary texts,
including ancient Greek and Latin, but I am convinced that in order to
illustrate the full potential of this system we would need a multi-
cultural and multi-linguistic approach. Why not challenge us with a
possible collaboration East-West? Of course I realise how difficult
would be to work with ancient Indian texts, and this why I am looking
forward to an Indian partnership.

Basically I am looking for variant texts - i.e. multi-version documents
- in digital form for publishing them in a wiki, which will be open for
text manipulation and editing to our partners. We have presented the
first wiki prototype at Digital Humanities 2008, and you can find our
paper in the conference book of abstracts:

I will be visiting South of India for one month starting on October
21st, and I am looking forward to establish contacts with Indian
research institutions. I will be in the area of Chennai for a week or so
from the 21st of October, than I will move on to Kerala, etc. I expect
to be in Mumbai around November 13th. I would be very grateful if you
could help me in contacting Indian researchers who could be potential
partners for this project.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Domenico Fiormonte <>
p.s. Please reply off-list to if for any kind of

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