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         Subject: CIG 2008 - Call for Participation


    2008 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG'08)
                    Perth, Australia, 15-18 December 2008

NEW: Registration is now open! Register early (before 7 November) to
enjoy the early registration fees.

   - three world-class plenary speakers: Jonathan Schaeffer from the
     University of Alberta, Penny Sweetser from 2K Games, and Jason
     Hutchens from Interzone Entertainment;
   - special sessions in four emerging areas: Computational Intelligence
     in Real Time Strategy Games, Player Satisfaction, Coevolution in
     Games, and Player/Opponent Modeling;
   - presentations of over 50 quality papers;
   - free introductory tutorials by Simon Lucas, Bobby Bryant, Georgios
     Yannakakis and Julian Togelius; and
   - a number of exciting competitions that showcase the application of
     computational intelligence techniques in games, including the 2008
     2K Bot Prize with a prize valued at $10,000!

Games have proven to be an ideal domain for the study of computational
intelligence as not only are they fun to play and interesting to
observe, but they provide competitive and dynamic environments that
model many real-world problems.  This symposium, sponsored by the IEEE
Computational Intelligence Society with technical co-sponsorship from
the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, aims to bring together leading
researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to discuss
recent advances and explore future directions in this field.

Registration details are available at:

Register before 7 November with the following registration fees!

Full registration - IEEE member - AUD$525

Full registration - Non-IEEE member - AUD$650

*Student registration - IEEE member - AUD$325

*Student registration - Non-IEEE member - AUD$400


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