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         Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 12:09:38 +0100
         From: Willard McCarty <>
         Subject: AI & Society 23.4

Volume 23 Number 4 of AI & SOCIETY is now available on the SpringerLink
web site at

Networks with attitudes
Paul Skokowski
461 - 470

Software agents and robots in mental therapy: psychological and
sociological perspectives
Tatsuya Nomura
471 - 484

Does Japan really have robot mania? Comparing attitudes by implicit and
explicit measures
Karl F. MacDorman, Sandosh K. Vasudevan, Chin-Chang Ho
485 - 510

Empowering the users? A critical textual analysis of the role of users
in open source software development
Netta Iivari
511 - 528

Would you mind being watched by machines? Privacy concerns in data mining
Vincent C. Müller
529 - 544

Reflection on reflection in action: a case study of growers conception
of irrigation strategies in pot plant production
Beatrix W. Alsanius, Klara Löfkvist, Göran Kritz, Adrian Ratkic
545 - 558

Software quality and group performance
Yuk Kuen Wong
559 - 573

Rural development within the EU LEADER+ programme: new tools and
René Victor Valqui Vidal
575 - 602

Effect of retroflex sounds on the recognition of Hindi voiced and
unvoiced stops
Amita Dev
603 - 612

On mentoring, social mentoring and befriending
Bill McGowan, Patrick Saintas, Karamjit S. Gill
613 - 630


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