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         Subject: Another Job at Stanford

Another Humanities Computing job has just posted to the Stanford Jobs
site--this one is in Art/Art History (see description below).  The
other recently advertised position of "Digital Humanities
Specialist" (that I posted to Humanist last week) remains open and I
encourage list members to apply or contact me for more details.
Matthew Jockers
Stanford University

Academic Technology Specialist Department of Art and Art History,
Stanford University Libraries

Job ID  32321

The Academic Technology Specialist (ATS) collaborates with faculty and
graduate students in Studio Art, Art History and Film, developing and
deploying innovative technological solutions in support of research,
teaching, and art practice. The ATS must demonstrate a fundamental
understanding of the ideas that form the foundation of instruction,
practice, and research in the arts, holding an MFA in Studio Art or
Design, an MS in Computer Science, or a PhD in Art History. The
position requires a deep understanding of both the analog and digital
realms; appreciating the value of traditional slides, for example, as
well as the opportunities afforded by digital media.
The ATS will be physically housed within the Art and Art History
department in order to assure proximity and availability to faculty,
but will report to a manager in the Academic Technology Specialist
Program (ATSP). The ATSP is part of Academic Computing, a unit of
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources.
Stanford's Academic Technology Specialists work in alignment with the
University's commitment to excellence in education and its general
vision to improve teaching, learning, and research by implementing and
developing new technologies.

The ATS will be required to bring the leadership and technical
expertise necessary to envision and execute exceptional, innovative
projects. Though the nature of the collaborations will vary, the ATS
is expected to research, analyze and evaluate potential projects;
provide advice and consultation on technical matters relating to
teaching, research and studio practice; and design, develop and
execute project plans in coordination with faculty and graduate
students. Achieving these goals will often require the ATS to partner
with other campus entities.
In addition to project-based work, the ATS will evaluate the
technology needs of the department overall. This evaluation will serve
as a guide both in making personalized recommendations to faculty and
in planning for the new Art & Art History building. The ATS will
consult with faculty on discipline-specific technology needs to help
them acquire and use technology and digital resources, liaising as
needed with campus resource providers and campus-wide applications.
In addition to working with faculty and staff in Art and Art History,
the ATS will spend one day per week participating in activities
sponsored by the Academic Technology Specialist program. Integral to
the work of the ATS is engaging professionally in related scholarship
through publication and/or presentation of research.

 A Master’s degree in Studio Art, Design or CS, or a PhD in Art
History, plus 3 years experience in academic computing or related
 Experience teaching color theory or the principles and
implementation of digital color management
 Expert knowledge of digital media standards and metadata
 Expert digital imaging skills
 Expertise with non-linear digital video editing tools
 Expert knowledge of video codecs, video transfer, video formats and
encoding compatibility issues
 Demonstrated applications of relevant programming/scripting
languages (such as Python, Ruby, Perl, ActionScript, Processing or
MEL) and functional expertise with UNIX
 Demonstrated experience addressing issues related to intellectual
property rights (copyright) as they pertain to image-based curricular
and research operations
 Excellent time and project management skills demonstrated by
specific experience managing projects and a complex workload
 Demonstrated success participating in collaborative academic
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills


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