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Subject: 22.296 text-analysis in the news
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         Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 09:40:49 +0000
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         Subject: Cohmetrix/LIWC

Dear Willard,

I saw both demonstrated at the July IGEL2008 Conference and had a hands
on workshop in Coh-Metrix. I haven't tested both on substantials corpora

I was somewhat impressed by the sheer functional possibilities of
Coh-Metrix. Given the right preparation, Coh-Metrix seems to be able to
put your texts through about any corpus linguistic algorithm out there.
And it seems preparation wasn't very cumbersum. But I wasn't
particularly impressed by scalability and robustness. At least I was
able to crash the system by a few mean but simple hacker tricks. These
border to simple vandalism, but if a system isn't resistant to such
simple 'fool-proof' testing, what does this say for the internal
stability of the algorithms? But I'd give it the benefit of the doubt.

LIWC I only saw demonstrated. It seemed to be able to sort of reliable
model the word usage behavior indicative of affective speech (assuming I
understood correctly). Cindy Chung sure made for a splendid
presentation, with lots of interesting and hilarious conclusions - like:
you're bound to be neurotic if you're an over user of the ellipsis
(three dots)...

Kind regard,
Joris van Zundert


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