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Subject: [Humanist]  22.317 bathing in blood? true for E. coli?

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        Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 11:37:22 -0500
        From: "Joseph Raben" <>
        Subject: Fw: Roman blood baths; quote from Jacques Monod 

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From: Joseph Raben 
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I have two queries on which I hope Humanist readers can help me:

1. Does anyone have information on a Roman practice of bathing in blood to achieve longevity? I came across it in a poem by Beaudelaire.

2. Does anyone know the source of the quotation I came across in a book review? The author of the review has not responded to my email.

"The illustrious French cell biologist Jacques Monod summed it up pithily: 'What is true for E. coli is true for the elephant.'

Joe Raben

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