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Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 07:57:53 +0100
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Subject: 22.032 postdoc in NL generation, Nancy
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         Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 07:51:26 +0100
         From: (Claire Gardent)
         Subject: Postdoc position in NL Generation, Nancy, France

	Postdoctoral Position at INRIA Nancy (France)

Field: Computational Linguistics

Topic: Natural Language Generation

Deadline for application: May 30, 2008.

Employer: INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer
Science) Nancy Grand Est (France)

Job Description: The Lorraine Laboratory of IT Research and its
Applications (Nancy, France) has a position for a Postdoctoral fellow
to work on the development of a surface realiser for French.

Applicants must have a ** recent doctoral degree ** (PhD viva held in
May 2007 or later) or defend their PhD before the end of 2008. They
must have expertise in an area relevant to the project (linguistics,
computational linguistics, computer science), strong hands-on
experience in Natural Language Processing and a particular interest in
NL generation.

Further particulars and details of how to apply are available at:

Contact:        Claire Gardent <>


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