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         Subject: UBIQUITY 9.20

This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 9, Issue 20
May 20 -- May 26, 2008


* In their informative article
Curve Cryptography,"  Ramesh Singh and his colleagues Vivek Kapoor
and Vivek Sonny Abraham explain the suitablity of elliptic curve
cryptography for smart cards. Singh is with the National Information
Centre of the Government of India, while Kapoor and Abraham are with
the Delhi College of Engineering in that country.

Associate Editor Ross Gagliano gives a lively review of four useful
books on different software issues: "Software Process Dynamics," by
Raymond J. Madachy;  "Software Development Rhythms: Harmonizing Agile
Practices for Synergy, by Kim Man Lui and Keith C. C.
Chan";  "Software Testing: Testing Across the Entire Software
Development Life Cycle," by Gerald D. Everett and Raymond McLeod,
Jr.;  and "Software Maintenance Management: Evaluation and Continuous
Improvement,"  by Alain April and Alain Abran. 


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