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Subject: [Humanist] 22.389 Dictionary looking for poets

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        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <>
        Subject: Dictionary of Words looking for Poets

Dear colleagues,

I and colleagues are trying to develop a project that would build on  
the Dictionary of Words in the Wild ( and are  
looking for people comfortable reviewing poetry. The idea is to set up  
an opportunity for poets to work with a graphic designer/programmer to  
create poems that use the images of the Dictionary. None of us feel  
comfortable assessing the poetry submitted or the portfolio of  
previous work of people who might take advantage of this opportunity.  
We would appreciate hearing from people who have experience assessing  
poetry whether in verse composition courses or in other venues. If you  
are interested in being part of a small team that assesses and then  
works with poets please contact me.

Thanks in advance,

Geoffrey Rockwell
geoffrey [dot] rockwell [at] ualberta [dot] ca

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