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Subject: 22.039 cfp: ReLIVE08: teaching in a virtual world
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         From: "OKELL E.R." <e.r.okell-AT-DURHAM.AC.UK>
         Subject: Are you teaching in a virtual world? ReLIVE08 CfP

ReLIVE08 has this call for *actual papers* and *virtual presentations
within Second Life*. The deadline for abstracts is 2nd June 2008.

20-21 November 2008, Open University, Milton Keynes
The call for abstract submissions is now open for ReLIVE08, an
international conference on Researching Learning in Virtual
Environments.  This conference will be of interest to anyone researching
learning and teaching in virtual world environments such as Second Life.

The conference organisers are keen to construct a programme that
features diverse and innovative research approaches to learning and
teaching in virtual worlds. Given the emerging practice associated with
virtual worlds, the conference committee is also keen to receive papers
reporting on the experience of learning and teaching using virtual
worlds that relate practice and outcomes to literature and research in
this area. Submissions will reflect a range of research methods and will
examine issues such as rigour, methods of sampling, relationships
between researchers and researched, and the ethics and politics of the
research process.

All papers will be published in a conference proceedings and a selection
of papers will be published in an additional academic format. For
further information please visit the OU website

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History, Classics and Archaeology Subject Centre

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