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        Subject: cfp: Mapping the World: Migration and Border-crossing

Call for papers: 

2009 International Conference, Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences , National Sun Yat-sen University,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 

"Mapping the  World: Migration and Border-crossing," 17-18 October 2009. 

Migration is one of the most relevant phenomena of contemporary times and
thus a prominent topic of research in the humanities and the social sciences
in recent years. Migration is a result among other reasons of political
persecution, economical pressures, or the pursuit of opportunities. The
inquiry into aspects of migration is to study the history of human
experiences from a variety of perspectives such as ethnicity, race, nation,
and society. 

The Center for the Humanities at National Sun Yat-sen University conducts
and promotes research on migration, race, and ethnicity and its 2009
conference Mapping the World: Migration and Border-crossing will be held on
17-18 October. Topics of interest for the conference include migration and
cityscapes; border and border crossing; the politics of frontiers; cultural
assimilation and the politics of language; transformations of languages and
dialects; language and nationhood; representations of the (im)migrant in
literature and media; (im)migration and diaspora; travel and exploration;
maritime culture, literature, and the arts; and nationalism,
post-nationalism, and the (im)migrant. 

Abstracts of 200 words in English or Chinese with the author's bioprofile
are invited by 25 February 2009 to Professor I-Chun Wang at

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