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        Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 13:46:05 -0800
        From: "Dr. Richard Price" <>
        Subject: Announcing "" to the Humanist Community

Dear all,

I recently finished my Ph.D at Oxford on the philosophy of perception. With a team of people from Stanford and Cambridge, I've just launched a website,, which does two things:

- It shows academics around the world structured in a 'tree' format, displayed according to their departmental and institutional affiliations.

- It enables academics to see news on the latest research in their area - the latest people, papers and talks.

We are hoping that will eventually list every academic in the world -- Faculty Members, Post-Docs, Graduate Students, and Independent Researchers. Academics can add their departments, and themselves, to the tree by clicking on the boxes.

Academics are joining the tree rapidly. More than 25,000 academics have added themselves in the last three months. Some professors on the site include:

 - Richard Dawkins - 
 - Stephen Hawking - 
 - Paul Krugman - 
 - Noam Chomsky - 
 - Steven Pinker - 

We're trying to spread the word about as much as possible. It would be terrific if you could visit the site, and add yourself to your department on the tree at If your university is not there, you can add it. 

Independent researchers - if you are a researcher that is not associated with a university, I encourage you to add yourself to the "Independent Researchers" portion of the tree at

And do spread the word to your friends and colleagues if you can.

Many thanks,



Dr. Richard Price

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