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Subject: [Humanist] 22.483 celebration at LLCC, Cambridge

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        Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:28:16 +0000
        From: John Dawson <>
        Subject: Literary & Linguistic Computing Centre, Cambridge
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Advance Notice!

in 2009 the Literary & Linguistic Computing Centre of Cambridge  
University will celebrate several anniversaries

LLCC will be 45 years old

It will be 20 years since the University Computing Service took over  

John Dawson is retiring, having managed LLCC for 35 years

Put this date in your 2009 diary ...

Friday 2 October 2009
A one-day seminar to celebrate the creation and work of the Literary  
& Linguistic Computing Centre in Cambridge

To register your interest and to receive further details when they  
are available, please email

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