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Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 10:03:03 +0100
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Subject: 22.049 job at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC
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                Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 22, No. 49.
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         Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 09:41:59 +0100
         From: Leonard Muellner <>
         Subject: job at the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC

Position available immediately: System Administrator, Center for
Hellenic Studies (Washington, DC)

I. Basics:

           -- Maintains and supports the CHS LAN, including installation
and set up of new servers and configuration of servers, Cisco routers,
Cisco switches, and Cisco firewalls. The LAN (both wired and wireless)
currently contains five Macintosh Xserves and one Dell Xeon server.
(Some high-level network programming has been outsourced; that can
continue.) The CHS is poised to grow in this area.

           -- Coordinates third-party repairs and modifications/upgrades
to networking equipment of data and voice (IP phone) systems.

           -- Maintains system security and responds appropriately to
threats to it.

            --Responsible for the support of 20-30 users on Mac OS X
operating systems, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and MS Office Suite on
both platforms with assistance as needed.

           -- Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots printers (HP and
Ricoh) and imaging devices (photocopy machines and scanners) on the
LAN except when vendor maintenance and service are required.

           -- Responsible for the acquisition of computing equipment and
telephony Center-wide according to budget allocations.

           -- Contributes to the selection and ensures the
implementation of technology tools for the research, publication, and
administrative needs of the CHS in Washinton DC and in Nafplio, Greece

           -- With the Director of IT and Publications, provides
training and support to interns and staff on the use of technological
tools that serve the academic and non-academic activities of the CHS.

           -- Will participate in the recruitment and selection of a
full-time assistant to assure coverage and accomplish lower-level
tasks; will supervise the work of this assistant.

II. Additional tasks currently associated with the position:

           -- Cisco IP Telephone system administration

           -- A/V and videoconferencing system administration (aspects
of the system will be upgraded this summer)

           -- Verify automated on- and off-site backup system
administration (digitiliti)

           -- Email server administration, including email account
maintenance (Kerio Mail Server).

           -- Some web server configuration and administration

III. Benefits:

           -- Funds and time off for professional training and
certification, which is encouraged
           -- Health, dental, and life insurance; a choice of pension
plans, etc. as a Harvard employee

IV. Salary: competitive, and commensurate with skills and experience

V. Contact: for more information or to apply, contact Lenny Muellner


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