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        Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 13:52:05 +0100
        From: √ėyvind Eide <>
        Subject: Vacancy at the University of Oslo, Norway

[Sent on behalf of Christian-Emil Ore,]

Unit for Digital Documentation (EDD), Department of Linguistics and
Scandinavian Studies, is seeking full time senior research
programmer/analyst for a 12 month appointment with a possible extension up
to a total of 3 years.


- Minimum Bachelor in C.Sc with strong interests in humanities and
  cultural heritage or minimum Bachelor of Arts with documented skills
  in development of computer applications

- Strong technical background in relevant areas: XML, databases, Java,
  web technologies, metadata standards, computational lexicography.

- Strong analytical and problem solving skills; can formulate options,
  develop and recommend solutions

Among other activities, EDD develops and maintain s solutions for
major Norwegian dictionary projects and projects with background
material in the different varieties of Old and Modern Norwegian,
eg. place name studies.  Knowledge of some of the Scandinavian
languages; Danish, Swedish or Norwegian is necessary, although fluency
is not needed.

More information (in Norwegian) at

Christian-Emil Ore

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