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        Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 18:25:30 -0400
        Subject: HASTAC seeking new media strategist; apply by March 27, 2009

An announcement from
Please forward this job opportunity to any interested candidates. Questions
should be directed to

HASTAC is looking for a New Media Strategist. Please forward to anyone who
might be interested or apply yourself via the Requisition Number below.

Position Title: New Media Strategist
Requisition Number: 400284567 (to apply, visit and search by
Requisition #)
Location: Duke University, Durham, NC
30 hours a week (includes full benefits)
Term appointment, lasting until June 30, 2011, with possible renewal beyond
depending on future funding possibilities.



1. Webmaster: Act as webmaster for all Drupal-based websites, for HASTAC and
the Digital Media and Learning Competition, providing routine technical support
and site maintenance, moderating content posted on the (about to be released in
April 2009) new HASTAC website, maintaining security and functionalities
according the best practices of web 2.0, assessing the current and future needs
of the website and network; collaborate with Director of Social Networking and
coordinate with external vendors to develop an online "Winner's Hub" that
interfaces with both HASTAC's and Digital Media and Learning Competition's
websites as well as conceptualizing and then implementing the visionary,
exciting interactive functions that a social networking site can have in a 2.0
learning, research, and educational environment.

2. Technical leadership and support. Evaluate and implement technical needs of
various programs, including the HASTAC Scholars Program; stay abreast of the
latest web 2.0 developments, research, technologies, tools, trends etc. to
provide recommendations as to ways in which the website can serve as the
virtual hub of a dynamic and ever-changing virtual organization; provide
standard and next-generation AV support, including planning for technology
needs and designing technology plans for HASTAC and Digital Media and Learning
Competition events, working with external vendors to determine, procure, and
implement needed technologies (both standard and digital), and to ensure
technology needs for events are met and are within budget.

3. Digital Media and Learning Competition co-webmaster: Working with colleagues
at UCHRI, assist in the future development and ongoing maintenance of the
Competition's website (

4. Competition technical support: Working with colleagues at UCHRI, coordinate
the Digital Media and Learning Competition electronic application process
(centralized at UCHRI) and participate in beta-testing all upgrades to the
Competition's "FastApps" online application system.

5. Team member: Participate in regular meetings with the HASTAC team and with
program officers at sponsor organizations, actively contribute to the HASTAC
blogosphere and social network, and assist in the development of Duke-centric
activities to establish a Duke identity within the multi-institutional virtual
network that constitutes HASTAC.

6. Electronic communications, web 2.0 social networking, online publicity:
Maintain HASTAC's and the Digital Media and Learning Competition's various
list-servs and conceptualize new audiences, new modes of outreach, and new
forms of participation; work with other HASTAC team members to coordinate
electronic publicity efforts (including list-serv announcements, forums
postings, blog postings, etc.) to insure maximum visibility.

7.Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.


• Significant expertise and experience with PHP, MySQL, XHTML, and CSS
required. Production experience in a Drupal-based website highly desirable.
• Experience with web-based multimedia.
• Solid graphic design skills and experience.
• Significant experience in higher education and in New Media directions and
applications for higher education and other learning environments to bring
technology expertise to visionary new modes of research and learning.

Job Skill Requirements:

• Must have a commitment to the educational vision of the grants and
appreciation for the reputation of the granting institutions and must be able
to communicate and enforce the highest standards of prestige and accountability
to the grantees.
• Requires diplomacy, excellent communication skills, management skills, and
technology skills and vision.
• Requires an ability to create an assessment tool (handle quantitative data)
and write detailed reports (qualitative assessment).
• Must be able to work in a collaborative team and, at the same time, must be
able to create an agenda for oneself, work individually, be a team leader.
• Must be able to multitask, and to be able to meet deadlines and prioritize
as crises emerge.
• Must be able to maintain top professional standards in all situations.
• Must be able to envision "what comes next" and make it happen.

To apply, visit and search by Requisition #400284567.

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