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Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 09:27:18 +0100
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Subject: 22.007 new institutional repository software
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         Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 09:16:04 +0100
         From: "Steinberg, Jan" <Jan.Steinberg-AT-BSZ-BW.DE>
         Subject: Development of OPUS 4 starts July, 1st 2008

Press release: Development of OPUS 4 starts July, 1st 2008

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved funding of a new
release of the institutional repository software OPUS. The project is
carried out collaboratively by Stuttgart University Library, the Library
Service Center Baden-Wuerttemberg, the Cooperative Library Network
Berlin-Brandenburg, Saarland University and State Library, Bielefeld
University Library and Hamburg University of Technology Library. The
partners closely co-operate with the State and University Library

OPUS has been developed at Stuttgart University and is the most common
software package for institutional repositories in Germany today (with
more than 60 sites using it productively). Besides OAI it already
provides interfaces to Online Library Catalogs, the German National
Library (DNB), the national URN registry and to the print-on-demand
service ProPrint.

Development in the project will enhance this integration into service
oriented infrastruc-tures for electronic publishing with special
emphasis on the European DRIVER (Reposi-tories Infrastructure Vision for
Research) and the German OA-Network de-velopments.
Furthermore it will look into the possibility of integrating or
referencing primary scientific data and of connecting with current
research information systems (CRIS). Technically development in the
project will be based on the Zend framework.

The partners are actively involved with the work of the DINI Working
Group on Electronic Publishing. All partners are committed to develop a
stable new release 4.0 of the OPUS software which will be maintained and
supported well beyond the project lifetime.

The project will be funded within the Division 'Scientific Library
Services and Information Systems (LIS)' of the DFG for twelve months.
The project starts July, 1st 2008.

Further information about OPUS can be found at

With best regards


Jan Steinberg
Library Service Center Baden-Wuerttemberg, 78467 Konstanz, Germany
phone: 07531 88-3040


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