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         Subject: Ubiquity's last, 9.25

This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 9, Issue 25
June 24, 2008


<>This is the final issue of
Ubiquity!  Next week it will be absorbed into the main publications
stream of ACM.

"Ubiquity," of course, comes from the Latin word for "everywhere"-
and stands in contrast to "Utopia," another word coined from the
Latin (by St. Thomas More) meaning "nowhere." Unlike utopian
pie-in-the-sky visions, Ubiquity has always tried to stay focused
ambitiously on The-Future-As-We-Already-See-It-Happening. This
"Future-Present-Tense" is happening right in front of our eyes, in an
information-rich world of embedded computing, embedded information,
and embedded knowledge - along with embedded tensions.

When you get some time, go into the Ubiquity archives and refresh
your memory of what we've done: for example, take a second look at my
own interviews with leaders in information science and technology, or
re-read the many provocative articles we've published on every topic
under the sun. (There's that old Ubiquity theme again, rearing its
ubiquitous head.) You'll be impressed. And I think you'll be just as
impressed with this, our final issue.


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