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First Announcement
Apologies for cross-posting

9th International Bielefeld Conference 2009
3 - 5 February 2009 in Bielefeld, Germany

*** Upgrading the eLibrary
Enhanced Information Services Driven by Technology and Economics ***

Three decades of databases, two decades of electronic articles and one
decade of open access have resulted in an avalanche of digital scholarly
information services. At the moment we observe a metamorphosis from the
electronic library to an enhanced library meeting also the emerging demands
of eScience and eLearning. Progress in technology, new concepts of knowledge
networking, but also economic issues are the driving forces for upgrading
the eLibrary, all of them opening up both a world of new opportunities and
of new constraints for progressing enhanced scholarly information services.

The International Bielefeld Conference 2009 provides insights in the future
of eLibraries, based on the threefold interdependency of service,
technology, and economics. The Bielefeld Conferences provide a forum for
internationally renowned and trendsetting speakers to stimulate strategic
discussions among scholars, information specialists, publishers, library
managers and patrons from all over Europe and beyond.

Among the speakers in 2009:

Mario Campolargo
(European Commission, Information Society and Media DG)

Wendy Pradt Lougee
(University of Minnesota, University Librarian)

Sijbolt J. Noorda
(European University Association, Open Access Working Group)

Herbert Van de Sompel
(Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Programmatic Topics

* Information- and eScience-Infrastructure
* Library Services for eLearning
* Novel Publishing Paradigms
* Impacts of Web 2.0 for Library Services
* Search Engines and Text-Mining
* Metrics in Scholarship and Libraries
* Cost Models for Scholarly Information
* Enhanced Publications
* Personalizing Library Services

Programme Committee

Hans Geleijnse, Director of Library and IT-Services & Chief Information
Officer, University of Tilburg

Michael H=F6ppner, Director of Bielefeld University Library

Wolfram Horstmann, Chief Information Officer Scholarly Information,
Bielefeld University Library

Norbert Lossau, Director of State and University Library, G=F6ttingen

Ronald Milne, Director of Scholarship and Collections, The British Library


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